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Jan 11, 2010 5:30pm EST
at the washington hotel. now he may get an official invitation to meet the grand jury. >>> pictures of you crashing didn't slow up yet but we are waiting. >> it all forms online. we are just trying to get through this arctic chill. >> you don't have to tell me. over the weekend i thought this is the weather that makes me want to move to florida but florida is no better. >> if you are in the u.s. you are going to get the arctic blast. it is going to pass. >> i'm waiting. >> you'll be waiting a little while longer. 33 at bwi marshall right now. just a real light southwest wind. sun has set completely. no dusk left. it was a beautiful day. it was cold out but bright sunshine. more sunshine than we expected today. i thought it would cloud up by mid afternoon. it stayed sunny throughout the entire day. toward sunset you see the clouds move in. that helped out our high temperature. we got up into the mid to upper 30s today in most spots. 41 would be the average. we are well below average today. days are beginning to get longer here. we'll see the mild weather move in later in the week. we are watching r
Jan 22, 2010 5:30pm EST
you down to washington. it look longer to clear out there. they had rain later in the day. they got blue skies. you can see the washington monument on the far right part of the screen. maryland's most powerful radar. here is the bullet we dodged. coastal low formed on the carolinas. it drew the moisture out to sea. what's interesting is the wintry mix toward hagerstown this morning whipped out of here in a hurry. washington getting more of the precipitation than baltimore. our low temperatures last night were helpful. 34 was it. again, a lot of the sleet that come out of the sky overnight melted on contact because the ground was above freezing. that preventing freezing rain as well. high temperatures today. nice rebound. 43 bwi marshall. we were up in the 40s everywhere until you got way off to the west. satellite pictures. things looking good. things clearing out nicely. you can see the moisture drawn out to sea. look how intense this area of low pressure is. it is unusual to see this. you can see a swirl out there. a little eye reminds you of hurricane season. nothing like a hurri
Jan 21, 2010 5:30pm EST
is consider considering taxing big wall street bonuses. in the latest abc news "washington post" poll 73% of the public favors a direct special tax on corporate bonuses over $1 million. warren buffet doesn't agree. >> if they get paid for performing i don't have a problem >> reporter: after mr. obama announced his plan to overhaul the banking industry the dow jones took a nose dive dropping 200 points. >> what the market does in reaction one day or the next is knot for me to comment on. what the president is focused on, as part of financial reform, is a set and series of rules going forward >> reporter: according to administration officials, the new rules force major institutions to decide if they want to be in the business of serving customers or investing on behalf of the bank itself. >>> it was a blood bath on wall street today. dow took quite a hit. falling more than 213 points. biggest single day point drop in months. nasdaq and s&p followed suit. likely culprit behind today's losses president obama came out today proposing big time restrictions on big bank use the couple better kno
Jan 25, 2010 5:30pm EST
precipitation across the rockville area extending up the i-270 corridor northwest of washington. that may move here many relatively short order. maybe light precipitation through ann arundel county. right now a lot less rain than earlier today. winds have quieted down. you can see a few wind gusts headed our way overnight into day tomorrow. tomorrow looks windy but not the power house winds we had today. unbelievable warm out this in the mid 60s. tonight down into the 50s. eventually overnight much colder air pours in. we'll show you how cold it is at day break tomorrow and talk about the weather for the rest of the week coming up in a few. >>> now to a developing story. the search for baby gain reeling continues tonight. he was last seen with his mom. she is the key to fining out what happened to him some far he's been no help for police. >> reporter: with fewer leads coming into police and the 8- month-old still missing the baby's father held a vigil in scotts dale to keep his son's name and face in the news. >> reporter: the baby was taken on a bus trip by his mother who lost legal custody.
Jan 28, 2010 5:30pm EST
to 35. we are still hanging on to the mid and upper 40s across baltimore and washington. overnight tonight 19 degrees. partly cloudy. blustery, colder conditions as we work into the day tomorrow. an interesting storm headed our way. the track is now looking better for us. we'll talk about what we can expect saturday coming up. >>> a senate committee heard testimony today that relief efforts in haiti are improving but that the task is mammoth. workers are coming through the ruins after days after the haitian government gave up hope of finding any survivors. they were wrong. we have one girl's amazing struggle to live. >> reporter: after two weeks rescue workers in haiti had all but given up hope of finding life. this man says when he heard a noise coming from beneath the rubble in port-au-prince he said maybe there is a zombie in there. the reply came as a shock. i'm not a doc zombie i'm a person. for 15 days she survived by drinking water from the bathroom where she was showering when the earthquake struck. she was rushed to the hospital in stable condition. >> we cannot explain th
Jan 18, 2010 5:30pm EST
as a sign of progress they are according to a new abc news "washington post" poll less hopeful than they were a year ago just before his inauguration. in january, 2009, 58% of americans said obama's presidency helped race relations, fewer today, 41%, say so. it's fallen by 15 points among whites but more steeply by 24 points among blacks. this morning, to honor the memory of dr. king the first family served food at a homeless shelter in washington. afterwards at the white house the president broke bread with young people and elderly leaders of the civil rights movement. >> part of what the civil rights movement was all about was changing peoples hearts and minds and breaking out of old customs and habits. >> reporter: the decline in the sense that president obama improved race relations mirrors his overall job approval rating, down from 68% a month after he took office to 53% now. abc news, washington. >>> edgar allan poe known for his tales of mystery, not necessarily his good looks but look at this portrait. this shows the macabre writer in a more flattering light. the small water
Jan 26, 2010 5:30pm EST
. >> reporter: the ban is effective immediately prompting one trucker's association to warn washington is moving too fast saying we support where they are going, but not how they got there. some democrats on capitol hill want the ban to go even farther. one bill would force states to ban all texting on the road or lose federal highway funds. lives are literally at stake. we cannot passively address the issue. we have to fight the dangerous trend aggressively and urge the states to do everything within their power to keep the public safe. >> reporter: research shows drivers who text take their eyes off the road an average of 4.6 seconds out of every six driving the length of a football field blind. cell phones are so pervasive, almost no one is immune to distractions as senator menendez discovered during a news conference. [ laughter ] >> texting while answering press conferences also dangerous. >> secretary lahood acknowledged the biggest problem is enforcement. police on the road are too low to see what truckers are doing insood their big -- inside their big rigs. john hendren, abc 2 news, wash
Jan 19, 2010 5:30pm EST
regulations. abc news, washington. >>> a suspect wanted in the shooting of a 13-year-old in baltimore county on new year's eve turned himself to police today. 14-year-old tymaine spelman is charged as an adult for first degree murder and assault. a neighbor found the 13-year-old boy lying in the hallway of a building in the 6300 block of monica place, treated and released from shock trauma. spelman is being held without bail. >>> baltimore city police are investigating a shooting that happened 6:00 last night in the 5700 block of winter avenue in northwest baltimore. authorities say the victim was walking when he was approached by a small group of people. one of the men turned and said something to the victim, then shot him in the shoulder. he was taken to the hospital but is expected to be ok. >>> another unseasonably warm day across baltimore, across all of maryland. the highs have been unbelievable the last couple of days. not quite recordbreakers but we'll take them. close to 60 at bwi marshall. we got to 59 in washington, down toward easton and salisbury, mid-50s there. 59 culpeper. vis
Jan 29, 2010 5:30pm EST
, tomorrow. as you go southward past washington, especially toward richmond, several inches of snow, and the eastern shore will pick up more snow than here in baltimore. what it looks like right now, cold conditions. you felt it out there today. >> oh, yeah. >> i'm telling you, man, 24 right now, but that does not reflect how cold it feels. it's a gusty wind and at times it's been up around 25 miles per hour. if you watch carefully here, you see occasionally a little bit of sun on our buildings in the inner harbor, but generally a cloudy, cold, frigid and blustery day. a pretty sight at the end of it, but nonetheless a cold one. gusts up around 23 miles per hour in many spots. kingsville 23. it feels like 11, germantown , little warmer in chestertown at 20. our high temperatures today mid to upper 20s. wind chills in the low teens, feeling like 9 already in york. in pennsylvania it only get colder. the high country feeling like zero. winter warnings up now. you can see a sliver of winter weather advisories across the eastern shows. all these in pink are winter warnings. you can se
Jan 4, 2010 5:30pm EST
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Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10